My name is Emi.

I am a twenty something year old college student who loves to write and loves to read. In fact, on the days when I am not working at a berry farm with produce and flowers, I’m most commonly found between the shelves of a bookstore.

I am studying education while in school, and I dream of becoming a second grade teacher. I am also a flower enthusiast mostly cacti and I enjoy putting on events.

My favorite genre of book is YA fiction, but I love horror, mystery, and of course, romance. I am also heavily into graphic novels but not the superhero kind and there is nothing better than to sit in a library with a good book and a comfy chair.

My write debut began as a child, where my favorite gifts were blank leather bound books to write in and freshly sharpened pencils. My writing however stayed hidden until I decided to publish one on the website Wattpad, where my stories have taken off and gathered a following.

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My email: unaccompaniedwriterbooks@gmail.com