Writing like me??

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Take a seat, grab a warm mug of coffee (or tea), and relax


A lot of people on Wattpad always message me things like “I want to write like you!!” or, “I wish my style of writing was like yours!” and it always gets me thinking: why is that?

Of course, I understand why people would be inspired by a writer they enjoy, but sometimes reading those things makes me think about what is so special about my writing. What about The Skeleton Boy makes people want to achieve my style of writing?

Well, here’s a big ol’ secret: if you practice enough, you’ll achieve your own style of writing, unique to you.

Another big ol’ secret: often times, your writing naturally mimics that of someone who writes in a style that you find enjoyable. But, your writing style is you, completely. And I think when you reach that moment of being someone people look up to, that’s when you’ve found your style.

It took me years to even find a style. I didn’t think I had one, until people commented about it.

But, to those who wish they wrote like me, here’s some advice. Focus less on being like your fave author, and more on your writing. Practice, find that voice, and write like a maniac. I write a lot, and it’s taken me forever to find a rhythm and style that could potentially change.

I think a lot about how it’s like drawing. When you first start, you don’t have a unique style. But after you’ve drawn for a while, people can see your style, and can recognize your art just on that particular style. Now, these artists just draw, draw, draw until their style develops. It’s the same with writing.

Also, you want your own style, not someone else’s!! Aspiring to write like someone else is okay, but in the end, you want your own style to show off and inspire others. I mean, we’ve all been there. I’ve certainly wanted to write like other people, and I wished that I was better, more descriptive, an overall better writer. But, where I am right now is where my style is beginning.

Aspire to be yourself. Aspire to be your own inspiration.


Thanks for sticking around!

And thanks for thinking I’m an inspiration, or someone you want to be like. It can be hard to find a style, but trust me, it’s possible and it’s worth it.

I love you all, XOXO


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