Character sheets!!

Wassup my readers

Behold… today, I’m showing off my character sheets!

let’s get into it


Hey guys!

It’s tuesday, and I thought that today is the day that I’ll be releasing my Character Sheets! Keep in mind, this is what I use to create my characters, and I’m not always correct in doing things. IF MY WAY ISN’T YOUR WAY, THAT’S FINE. This is what I do.


This is just a preview of what it looks like when you download the PDF file. (that circle on the cover is where you can put/draw a portrait of what YOU think your character looks like)

I have it set up so that some questions, you just HIGHLIGHT or CIRCLE the answer rather than typing it out. you could also underline it 

This is the very document I used to create Elliott and crew! Sometimes, my favorite part of writing is making characters, designing them, etc. Also… this makes everything SO easy. You can’t forget your character when you fill out a sheet like this… and we all know, realistic characters are what the readers want, so I def have some in-depth questions on there (;

I made this file so that people can print it out, or download the word version so that they can edit it on the computer.

If you WANT to show me the finished products of your designed characters, feel free to send them in an email! I’d love to see my sheets put to good use. Also, if you see things that should be added, or you think would be beneficial, LET ME KNOW! I’m all about catering to what others would like to see.


WICKEDPROMISES character sheet PDF

WICKEDPROMISES character sheet word doc

That’s all I have for today! I hope you all have a lovely rest of your Tuesday!

Happy Character Creating, and I LOVE YOU ALL



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