Writing in a male POV?

Happy Monday everyone!


Today I’m talking about something I’m asked ALL the time: how do I write in a male POV.

I’m a girl. I have girl thoughts. I do girl things. How on EARTH am I supposed to understand the male mind in order to write in their POV? 

I see this question all over Wattpad, and people ask me about it frequently. And, I’m here to shed some light on this subject. Of course, I’m not a guy, I do

n’t know what happens in a guy’s mind. But, guess what: you don’t have to be a guy to understand them or write male characters.


Yes, you heard me. Get rid of this idea. To be honest, guys and girls think a lot alike. They are a lot alike. We’re all humans, and guess what friends? Gender is a construct!! That being said, forget everything you’ve ever learned about writing the male POV, because writing about guys is just as easy as writing about girls.


Often times, people write in the male POV and make it obvious by falling back on stereotypes. making their males only think about sports, or cars, or getting some in the backseats of their cars. Now, c’mon, that’s boring. Boys don’t just like sports and cars. Guys like other things, too, so stop falling back on these. I hate reading stories that feature male POV and all he thinks about is sports.


However, it’s okay to write about guy struggles, because they have them too. Just like how someone may write a girl character struggling with her period, or her weight, or fitting in with the popular crowd. Guys also have struggles, and it’s okay to write about them. Please do! Talk about how his family doesn’t let him show emotions. Talk about how he feels about hearing girls being afraid to walk near him at night because he’s a tall and buff guy. You can talk about these issues. And, that type of character dialogue is so much more interesting than having your guy character talk about football, like every other male character on Wattpad.

Step three: Write your character’s POV how YOU want. 

If you want a guy character who likes to paint, then yeah. Have him thinking about art. But, think about who he is as a person. Does he care about what he wears? If not, leave that mirror scene alone. (in fact, just leave that scene alone period). Does he care about cars? If not, don’t have him talking about his car. I know, this seems self explanatory, but it’s just so tedious to read stories about guys who like stereotypical guy things.

Don’t focus on getting into a guy’s head. Just write your character how you usually would write your female characters. Just focus on what your character likes, and go from there. You design your character. You decide what they think about, how they act, what they like to do, etc.

That’s literally all there is to writing in a male POV. As long as you design your character and what he likes/dislikes, then it isn’t hard. Stop thinking that these two types of humans are like, wildly different from each other.

Obviously, me and my brother think differently, but SO DO ALL PEOPLE. Guys get self conscious. Guys care about how they look. Guys cry. Guys can spend a long time in the shower/getting ready/getting dressed. Guys can like getting coffee in the morning before school. Guys can like baking, they can like cooking, they can like whatever the FUCK they want to like. Don’t put genders in boxes, and don’t limit your character to masculine and feminine traits.

This is my writing tip/inspiration of the day. I hope you guys liked it, and I hope I don’t sound TOO cynical here. I want you guys to write ALL the male characters, because there aren’t enough of them around tbh. Write your stories with a male POV. Write your stories with the characters you want to write!

I love you all! XOXO


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