College and Beyond

Wow, hi everyone

It has been a while, huh?

So, the last time I posted anytime, it was summer, and the only commitment I had was working. And it was so easy to read and work and run a blog. It was incredibly easy. However, now that school has started up again, yikes.

I have like, no time to do anything. However, I’m slowly posting chapters still, trying to read a book in between classes and having jobs and a social life, and wow. College is hard. As someone who is leaping into their third year at college, I can tell everyone that it isn’t all fun and games and getting invited to cool parties.

No, my friends. There are 8 am classes, three hour classes, back to back classes, long days at work, long homework assignments, and surprise quizzes. All in the first two weeks of classes. How fun.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love college much more than I ever loved high school. In fact, I would trade nothing to go back to that time. I hated my high school, I hated my classmates, and I hated everything about the classes in high school. College is so much more free.

But also, I’m busier. I spend less time in classes, but when I’m not in class, I’m working or with friends. Which again, is not bad. But leaves very little time for some well deserved I-time. Which means, I’m not writing like I used to.

To those in college, and those starting college, I’m sure you can agree with me when I say college is better in every way, but also a full time commitment. Whether that commitment be to classes, running to the dining hall, giving in when your friends beg to hang out, or slaving over the counter at your part-time job, you’re always doing something.

And when you’re not? You feel like you need to go do something, because you’re wasting the day away just laying in bed.

So. I am alive and well. I am drowning in college life. And I am trying to read and write as much as possible. But sometimes, it just isn’t.

Happy Saturday, and have a great rest of your weekend. Even if school is what you’re looking forward to on Monday.


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