Starting a new story?

Hello all!

I think one of the hardest things to do as a writer is start a new story. Why do I say this? Well, it’s because a new story means new everything. New characters. New setting. New plot.

When writing stories, I often get immersed in my characters. By the twentieth chapter, all my characters have established themselves, and I know who they are. And how to write them. But with a new story, there’s always that who am I? with characters.

But, never fear, I’m going to share some of my tips for starting new stories.

If you’re like me, then you have a folder with your writing projects. And if you’re really like me, then you have a lot of stories that are started, but never went anywhere. You know what I’m talking about: beginnings to stories that want to be written, but were forgotten after the prologue, or the first few chapters because things weren’t flowing right.

These abandoned stories? I have tons of them. Collecting dust and waiting to be written. But why did I abandon them in the first place? Why didn’t I stick with them?

Writing new stories is hard. And often times, I have all these ideas, but nothing to do with them.

Here are my starting out tips:

• CREATE A PLOT!!!!! This is so important. If you want to write a new story, come up with a basic plot line. Basically, where is the story going, how will it end, blah blah blah. This basic plot line will HELP you.

• DO CHARACTER SHEETS! I love planning out my characters with these things. Basically, just find a template online and fill it out for your babies. Plan the heck out of little Sally Lou and get excited over what your character will do, what they look like, etc. (even google pics of what you want your character to look like!)

• MAKE A COVER! I love messing around with covers when I first have ideas for a story. Making a cover gets me excited and motivated, and I’m less likely to drop a project if I’ve invested a lot of time into it. Aka, if you make characters, a plot, and a cover, you’re ready to write.

• WRITE RANDOM SCENES. Now, these scenes don’t always have to be in the story. I often times write scenes with my characters to get a feel of how they feel, how they act, how I should write them. I’ll write them in various predicaments, etc, just to get used to them. I do this before I even start writing, usually. And I typically do this in class, haha. (no one suspects a thing; they think I’m taking notes. oops)

• ASK OPINIONS. Talk to your friends about your story! Ask them how they feel about the plot. Ask them whether or not you should change stuff, etc. Get excited about your story with your friends.

Still not enough? Still not feeling motivated to write that new story?

Trash it. If you aren’t feeling the story, then you aren’t feeling it. And if these things aren’t motivating you/making you excited, then the story is probably a bust. (if you’re already having writers block in the beginning of a story, then you’ll probably get stuck later on).

So, this is what I do to motivate myself to write new stories. And these things honestly do help me when it comes to creating new universes and whatnot.


HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!! Get to writing, and get to character creating. I love you all, XOXO



One thought on “Starting a new story?

  1. markiplierlover says:

    I totally agree! I mean my writing is sloppy because I honestly comprised as I go with the story and have an idea for the ending. But when I dont know how the story will end, my writing style is crap


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