Quilting 101

Good morning everyone!

Like the name of this post suggests, today I’ll be talking about quilting!

So, I’m the sort of person always looking for a hobby. Like, writing is a hobby, but I’m always searching for more things to do, more ways to spice up my life. And now I’ve taken up quilting.

So far, it’s been fun! And I’d love to show you what the quilt looks like when I’m finished with it. If I ever finish it.

So, first things first, I ordered the fabric on Amazon.com. It’s called Sandy Gervais Sweetness in a Jelly Roll, by Moda fabrics. And it’s so cute! Like, before I ordered it online, I was nervous to see if I’d really like it. But it came in a mail, and it’s gorgeous!


Look at this fabric! It’s so cute, ahhh. And best thing is that these are precut into the perfect sized strips (well… width wise. Length wise, you have to cut them yourselves to get the perfect size). And they’re so soft. I think I’m going to really love quilting! And you can find them here if you too like quilting.

I haven’t done anything with my strips yet. I picked out my favorites and then cut them to size, but I have yet to do any real sewing. Fingers crossed I’ll get to that soon!













In these two photos are my cut pieces of fabric!! I’ve picked 10 different patterns, and I cut them each at 4.5 inches long. And then I put them in a little baggie so I wouldn’t lose them when it came time to actually sewing them together. Pretty neat!

I will definitely post a “done” version of this quilt when I do finish. And if you guys are more interested in a “how-to-do-this” type post, I can do that with my next quilt! (aka, walk more in depth of what I’m doing, add more pictures, etc.)

Let me know if you guys like quilting! I know I’m definitely going to enjoy it. I’m hoping the quilt is done before summer ends!


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