The Perfect Plot Twist

~ Happy Inspirational Monday! ~

This Monday, I want to talk about the perfect plot twist. Those of you who read my stories on Wattpad know I absolutely adore plot twists. And I love making them as surprising as possible.

But how do I do it?

Today, I’m going to share my tips and tricks when it comes to surprising your readers and pulling the rug out from under them. And trust me when I say that it all has to do with planning.

STEP ONE: Plan, plan plan.

I’m hoping that before you’re writing your story, you’re planning out your plot. Now, this can be detailed, this can be rough, but there should be a plan somewhere. An idea of where your story is taking you.

My plans for my stories are always elaborate. I map everything out beforehand, and of course, my plot changes along the way. But I can make these changes because I plan so much in advance. So, step one to the perfect plot twist is to plan.

A plot twist shouldn’t be a sporadic, hey-I-just-thought-of-this type of thing. Plot twists need to be planned from the start for them to be any good. Why? Late planned plot twists lead to the all scary plot hole syndrome.

And we don’t want that.

So, you’ve planned out your entire plot, but there are no plot twists? Good, we can move on to the twisting of the plot. I hope you weren’t attached to that newly planned plot!

Look at your plot and find something to change. Maybe your story is about a new student in a high school. (please stop writing these sorts of books, they’re boring) and you’re like, how can I twist up the plot??

Well, half way through the book, reveal the secret that maybe she has a double identity.

Or, reveal the secret that she’s secretly crazy and she’s imagining all the students around her, and she’s been stumbling around an abandoned school building for weeks now. Hey, maybe this’ll be my next story.

All you have to do is take your plot, and throw something in there. Something crazy. Something mind-blowing. Something like a crazy girl imagining her peers.

This is the stage where you let your imagination run. Literally, the crazier the plot twist, the better. I’m serious. The crazier they are, the least likely it is that someone will guess it before it happens. And no one wants the commenters who say I SAW THIS COMING!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so we have our plot (new student in a high school) and we have our plot twist (she’s secretly crazy and none of her student peers actually exists) and now we have to execute it flawlessly. Which is hard. Which, even I can’t do. But hey, we can try.

The important part about executing the twist is that it needs to make sense. Such as, in this case, no one else can see or know about the make-believe students. Like, if you write that the main character’s mother goes to visit the school and she can see everyone, that’s a plot hole. Or, if you write about the main character going home, that’s also a plot hole, since she’s in this abandoned school roaming around. Because of this, the story should take place at school all the time, and shouldn’t involve anyone the main character knows, outside of school.

Taking time to map these things out makes it easier to successfully pull off the plot twist. And you spent all that time planning, so it should be a piece of cake. You add in the plot twist, search your plot for plot holes, and then begin writing.

But what if people are still guessing it in advanced?

Well, my friends, it’s time to go back and rewrite. If they’re guessing, it’s because you’re letting too much away too soon. I suffer from this issue with my story, The Skeleton Boy. And those of you who have read the story knows what I’m talking about here.

But what if i’m not a planner?

Ooh, good luck. If you’re someone who writes on the fly, plot twists are harder to write and execute, only because you haven’t made your plot bulletproof yet to insightful readers. Also, you should always always always plan, even if the plan is rough and not very clear. But we can talk about planning another time.

So, to write that plot twist, here’s a recap of the steps:

-Plan your plot.

-Add in the crazy twist.

-Go back and edit your plot for plot holes.

-Write, write, write!

Well, I think that wraps it up for this monday. I hope this helped motivate you to writing more plot twists (every story needs one, in my opinion). And try not to give anything away!  The key to this is secrecy!

~ Have a fantastic Monday! ~


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