Laptops and Diets

So, I’ve been meaning to grab a new laptop for literally ever. Of course, I had a crappy acer laptop that was slow, grubby, and I hated navigating it. And I’d had plans to buy a new macbook pro by the end of this summer (thanks to my summer job) but guess what.

That crappy acer? Broke down on my at the beginning of July. That’s right – left me high and dry the moment that Camp Nanowrimo began.

What the actual heck? So, that new laptop that was going to be an end of summer treat? Is now a mid summer treat.

So yay! The Macbook I’ve been meaning to get is finally mine. And all I can say is how much I’ve missed Mac’s.

A long, long time ago, the summer before my freshman year, I got a macbook. Very white, very new, very exciting. And I was in love. Of course, I was all Apple since elementary school. My elementary school had Mac desktops in the computer lab. My middle school gave out macbook laptops. And now I’d had my very own.

Of course, said laptop would be later destroyed four years later during my freshman year of college, after some guy dumped his water bottle all over my backpack, which of course held my laptop.

Fast forward almost two years later, and now I have another mac, yet again. Very silver, very new, very exciting. Plus free Beats headphones.

So yeah, I’m pretty pumped right now.

But the other part of today’s entry is to talk about this new diet I’m on. It’s day 6 and I’m hungry.

Basically it’s called the 24 day challenge. No dairy, no bread, no pasta, no rice, no sugars. All I eat is salad, fruit, meats, and veggies. And it’s honestly not the worst thing I’ve ever done. Except for when we bake cookies at work… then it’s the worst idea I’ve ever had.

I did it last october and came out victorious. And I felt better, lost some weight, and honestly it was really nice to be able to feel good in my clothes. But aha, I didn’t stick with it and def gained it all back. So here I am again, trying to be healthy.

Day 6… only 18 more days to go. Ha ha.. aha… ha

Wish me luck guys!

Happy Tuesday!


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